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Monica Chang (DMV) Photo

BNVR (Miami) Marketing

Beats & Path (DC) Website Design

Lauful (SEOUL) Photo & Video 

Strike Design (SEOUL) Design

Design OF Collor (TORONTO) Design

Handz Optek (SEOUL) Photo & Design

CREA8N STUDIO (SEOUL) Photo / Design


Rivers Crew (SEOUL) Brand

Into The Deep (Korea/USA) Brand


MOVIN’ FORWARD is MEDIA CONTENTS PRODUCTIONS, lead by a DC based Korean American photographer Monica Chang, our team include experienced designers, photographers, videographers, talent recruiters and art directors based in multiple cities that collaborate with other brands to create work that people talk about.

Embracing the difference,

Promoting diversity

Momentum is a funny thing-the more you use it, the more of it you generate. We have a ton of momentum behind our latest ideas.  We're a team of creatives that collaborate for cultural exchange across different borders.  Event planning, artist recruiting, MEDIA support for content creation, special occasions, corporate, non-profit events, every project is different.  


PHOTO & DESIGN Live Events, Portraits, Weddings, Architecture, Food  FILM & VIDEO Brand Promotion, Documentary Film  SOCIAL CONTENTS & MARKETING ​Production Management, Social Media Marketing, Digital Media Marketing, Brand renewals, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Custom built packages


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